The ONE Conference

All Clinical Trial Professionals Need To Attend…

Three Programs. One Location.


Good Clinical Practice Summit

Effective Risk-Based Approaches for Optimizing Clinical Quality and Achieving Inspection Readiness

Join us as we discuss the impact of the pandemic on proactive risk-based approaches for ensuring clinical quality, and look at what comes next. You’ll learn how to effectively build quality risk management approaches into your clinical operations to optimize research, maintain GCP compliance, contain costs and ensure patient safety. This valuable learning experience provides the information, tools, and connections you need to optimize clinical quality at your company.


Clinical Quality Oversight Forum

Ensure Clinical Trial Integrity Through Effective Oversight of Internal, Vendor and Site Operations

Join us as we share best practices for ensuring clinical trial integrity and inspection readiness through effective oversight of internal, vendor and site operations. We'll be digging deep into the topics that matter most to this sector including: Building a Culture of Quality, Inspection Experiences, Clinical Quality Agreements, Risk-Based Oversight, Assessing Vendor/Site Quality Competence, Auditing, Quality by Design, Issue Identification and Management, and so much more. Learn effective risk-based approaches to optimize clinical quality and achieve inspection readiness.


Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit

Scale Pandemic-Related Strategies With Continued Innovation

Join industry experts for in-depth discussions on the momentum needed to move forward, current and future trends for ongoing virtual trials, and the many ways companies can improve patient engagement and trial behavior. Through keynotes, sessions, and panel discussions we will cover the building of an optimal and collaborative network, the utilization of external partnerships, and the advancement of the patient experience. Learn how to develop a strong protocol, reduce expected costs, and increase patient participation through the revolution of siteless clinical trials.